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I started my journey in my mid 20's. I was a school bus driver and had become extremely sedentary and had gained over 100 pounds. I made the decision to change my life and started educating myself on how to become healthier. I made the decision to go to college, and pursued a degree in Movement and Sports Science. I became a personal trainer so I could teach myself and others to live a healthier more enjoyable life. 


After seeing clients deal with injuries and chronic pain, I wanted to help in other ways - so I decided to go back to school and learn massage therapy. After getting certified I realized that there were so many different modalities of massage and so many ways to help clients, I made a choice to focus on Myofascial Release which helped many clients. But there were always some that I just couldn't figure out, so again I started to pursue other modalities. What I've learned is that I will never stop educating myself to better help my clients. I love learning and plan on continuing to find modalities and movement that helps my clients get the best treatment I can provide.


I truly enjoy helping clients figure out what is happening in their body. If clients are in pain due to posture, exercise, injury, surgery recovery, chronic long standing issues, or emotional stresses I'm here to help figure it out!

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